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3 Things to Consider for Corporate Housing in Los Angeles
July 19, 2022 at 4:00 AM
3 Things to Consider for Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

Once COVID-19 hit, people around the country started to work remotely, and that trend has continued for many workers. That freedom of not being tethered to a physical office has led to an uptick in travel across the country, and as a result, individuals need living arrangements that cater to their new remote lifestyle.

In the past, hotels would likely be one of the only options available for travelers. These days, however, people have more choices, and one that is increasingly growing in popularity is corporate housing. They’re perfect for people who only need a temporary place to stay but still want it to feel like home. Before choosing your new home, though, keep these considerations in mind when searching for corporate housing in Los Angeles.

What to look for in Los Angeles corporate housing

Convenient location

Los Angeles is a vast city, and with traffic as notorious as it is, getting from one part of town to another can sometimes be challenging. That’s why finding corporate housing that’s located in a convenient location is essential. The ideal location will depend on the exact nature of the visit, but it’s something that should be researched before locking into any type of agreement.

Ideally, you could find a provider that has multiple locations so you can choose the one that’s best for you and maybe even move around during your stay in Los Angeles to experience different parts of the city.

Generous amenities

One of the biggest draws of corporate housing in Los Angeles is that they tend to come with a number of amenities that can make the temporary stay feel like home. Most all come with the basic necessities such as furniture and kitchen space, but many providers go above and beyond with additional amenities.

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Depending on your preferences, it’s possible to find housing with options such as secured gated parking for additional safety during your stay. For those working remotely during their visit to Los Angeles, it’s also essential to find a provider who offers high-speed internet so there are no slowdowns while working. It’s even possible to find housing that offers concierge and chauffeur-like services for added convenience.

Flexible terms and policies

Since corporate housing in Los Angeles is designed to be a temporary solution, finding a company that offers flexible agreements will be highly beneficial. Before signing any paperwork, be sure to ask about penalties for leaving early or if there’s an option to renew and extend the stay if needed.

Beyond simply asking about starting and ending the stay, you should also see if they have any hidden fees you need to know about before signing. This can include any additional costs for bringing pets or having extra guests staying over. The ideal provider should offer enough flexibility to fit your unique needs during the stay.

Find your home away from home

If you’re planning on visiting Los Angeles for an extended stay and need temporary housing, Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing can help. As one of the leading Los Angeles corporate housing providers in the city, we offer all-inclusive, fully-furnished apartment homes throughout the city.

With convenient locations near some of Los Angeles’ most prominent attractions and all the top amenities you need, we’re confident you will feel right at home as you explore the City of Dreams. You can see all our available locations to find the one that’s right for you, or connect with us online to start your reservation today.